Dr. James is dedicated to taking the life-saving and healing gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. He does this by holding evangelistic missions and revivals across the world. Scroll through these pages to find out more about this exciting ministry and how you can take part. He rgularly ministers in Asia, including Pakistan where he's led over 100,000 peole to receive Christ for the first time, and seen thousands miraculously healed and baptised in the Holy Spirit. His vision is to see revival sweep the nations for the salvation of millions.


Dr. James also activly engages in humantiarian work and the relieif of suffering. Below are some of the humanitaria projects you can support, with more listed under the Projects page. Whether it be a one off payment or a regular contribution of just £5 a month, your financial gift will transform people's lives.

rescue child prostitutes

The Bancharas live in the Indian districts of Neemach, Mandsaur and Ratland. Their caste makes them one of the lowest working class communities in India, with a 500 year history of prositution. The sex trade is a social norm for Banchharas, with girls as young as nine being forced into prostitution (Click here to watch a documentary).


By working with YWAM, we can rescue Banchhara girls from a life of sex slavery by relocating them to a safe facility to complete their education and pursue a meaningful career. Your gift will pay for the running costs of this facility, and give these girls new hope for the future.

care for young orphans

Dr. James works closely with humanitarian agencies that provide accomodation, subsistence and education to orphans in Uganda and India. One of those agencies is based in Indore, India, serving 180 oprhans. Without this help, these oprhans would be doomed to a life of abject poverty, disease and an early death.


Your financial gift will fund the operational costs of childrens' homes and complete the construction of a new childrens village in Parandwadi, accomodating hundereds of rescued orphans. Your gift will give these children a future they could only otherwise dream of.

help slave labour victims

About two million brick kiln workers  are treated as slaves in the Punjab area of Pakistan. Unjust labour laws allow wealthy task masters to treat workers with impunity, most of whom are Christian. Because of debt bondage, whole families are enslaved for their entire lives. Poverty dooms these workers to lifelong bondage.


In addition to providing free healthcare, our aim is to free as many as possible from slavery by providing education for them and their children, which will create work opportunities outside of the factories. Your donation will make these workers' dream of freedom a reality.